Our service on other plugins

We crafter new solution to extend functionality

Fluent Wiz also provides support and feature extensions for other plugins of WPManageNinja.

Feel free to share your requirements and queries about other WPManageNinja plugins with us. Our expertise extends to crafting solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring that your experience with WPManageNinja plugins is not only seamless but also customized to meet your unique specifications.

How we will process the order


Share your project requirements

Write down your project requirements and share a few budgets, expected Project Delivery time frames, what type of add-on you want to develop project description, and your details.



Our team will conduct a feasibility study on your requirements and contact you with the result.


Upfront payment

After completing the feasibility study, our team will contact you through the support ticket and share the budget. You need to pay 40% upfront of the given budget. After that, our team will start the project


Project handover

We will deliver the project within the given timeframe. You have to pay the remaining 60% amount before getting the delivery


Support policy

3-month support for the custom project. (you will be charged for adding new features)

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